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March 6, 2014

Google Text-To-Speech app receives high-quality English voices update

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Google has been working hard and the fruits of the Text-To-Speech standalone app update to version  brings high-quality English voices and new language support. The English US and UK languages now feature high-definition male and female voice packs with smoother pronunciation and more natural pattern or melody of pitch changes in connected speech, especially the pitch pattern of a sentence.


The language support has been updated to include the additions of Brazilian Portuguese and US Spanish, although these will only appear in certain regions . Text-to-Speech now supports nine languages in total, but only English has high-definition voices for now. The high-quality voices can be chosen in Android’s Settings menu. Go to Language & Input -> Text-to-speech output and select one of the new language packs. You will have to sit through a sizable download to enjoy the HD voice packs, however – they both weigh over 200MB each, while the normal quality recordings are only 6.8MB.

That not all apps follow the setting you choose. Some apps, such as Google Play Books, default to the regular quality voice packs for some reason. Google Translate is keeping up with the times, though, so use that to hear the new voices in their ominous “machine talks like human” action.

In addition:
Each voice that has multiple sample packs installed receives a sub-menu with the option to toggle between them.


Via Android Authority

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