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September 19, 2013

Google Wallet arrives on iOS minus tap-to-pay


Good news for iOS users today as Google Wallet has finally arrived on iOS. That is of course if you are in the US as we can’t find it here in the UK. Google Wallet I’d a great payment app that allows you to make transfers to friends seamlessly and brings with it loyalty card tracking and nearby offers. One feature that is not present for the obvious reason of no NFC on the iPhone is tap-to-pay but everything else seems to have made its way over. Google Wallet is also a secure app to manage payments with the addition of a security pin to access app and you can also disable the app remotely via Google’s site if you ever misplace your device. If you want to give it a try hit up the link below all you need is an iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or greater.

Source – Google Wallet (App Store)

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