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November 11, 2014

Gotham season 1 episode 8 review: The Mask

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It’s that time of the week again when I babble about the latest Gotham episode. This weeks episode was always going to have a tough time living up to last weeks awesome episode titled¬†Penguin’s Umbrella.

This weeks episode had the theme off masks and fighting, lots of fighting to be precise and this set us up nicely for a more in depth look at Jim Gordon. I guess what the show was trying to put across is that we all wear masks and pretend we are different at times and this episode put Jim in some situations that could have us wondering if Jim was a good guy or a killer deep down, after all he did serve in the army for years and his obsession with seeking justice could well have him making some bad decisions.

We also see Harvey Bullock seemingly take of his corrupt cop mask and make a speech that has to be heard to be believed. His speech manages to motivate a station full of corrupt cops who have no love for Jim help him out in his time of need, I’m pretty sure he had them all when he described Jim as an “Ass Hat”. It was nice to see cops being cops for a change if I’m honest as the whole we are 100% corrupt act was becoming rather tiresome. It was also interesting to see police chief Sarah Essen bust onto the scene of the crime to rescue Jim who had pretty much handled the situation himself with ease. It makes me think that Jim’s badass approach to crime fighting is starting to inspire a few cops and this could lead to a more evenly thought battle between the cops and the mob.

Jim season 1 episode 8 The Mask

It seemed that nobody was able to escape the fighting this week with even little Bruce being the victim of bullies as they teased him about his parents death as he returned to school. I don’t think we will see much of the bullies tho after Bruce’s epic scene where he chapped on the culprits door and landed a few awesome hooks on him, much to the delight of Alfred who is going to toughen him up. Maybe it was bad guardianship on Alfred’s part but it has set the scene up nicely for Bruce to begin his combat training.

Oswald didn’t really have a huge part this week after stealing the show last week as he spent most of this episode trying to uncover some exploitable knowledge to use against Fish Mooney who actually ends up sticking the gift he got for her through his hand. I only wish this scene contained a bit more excitement or even a little bit darker to be more precise as it had everything in place to make it an awesome comic book like moment. Talking about Fish Mooney we yet again have another character who bares a mask with her constant lies and deception, it seems her character goes from strength to strength each week.

gotham season one epsiode 8 the mask

So this is when I have a little moan, this weeks story centred around the introduction of Black Mask. If you have played Arkham City before then you are bound to know this character and all the crazy stuff he is capable of doing. instead of that we get him hosting an office fight club?? Well fight club maybe a harsh description it was more of a battle royal with only one aloud to survive and the reward was a job at the finance company. To me it just seemed very odd and as if they just want to give fans as many villains from the comics as they possibly can. What did you think about this?? Im just hoping this is not the end of Richard Sionis (Black Mask) as in the comics he is a very intimidating crime lord, maybe he will fall into that part if the mob war see’s the fall of a boss, but him cowering as Jim stood above him with the sword was totally out of character in my opinion.


In conclusion I thought this weeks episode was always going to have a tough time after last weeks but Jims fight scene when he took on three masked men and then Black Mask was great. The scene was a pleasure to watch and was not overly dramatised. Jim also showed us that he may be the only character thus far who doesn’t wear a mask and is the genuinely courageous cop we know him to be. I would like to finish this weeks review off by saying that if Black Mask is to come back for more I really hope they make better use of his character.

As always let me know what you thought.

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