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September 16, 2013

GTA V ships early to Amazon UK customers, Rockstar infarction incoming


Amazon UK can forget a Christmas present from Rockstar this year, in fact they should expect an angry letter or phone call from the creators of GTA V. The reason for this is customers who preordered what has to be the most anticipated game of the year have started receiving orders ahead of it’s September 17th release. What’s more is some customers even had delivery’s as early as Saturday if reports are to be believed. Games Industry have said that the company is already investigating the early sales blunder. If you were lucky enough to have received the game early then you better refrain from sharing game footage as Microsoft is waving the ban hammer as usual and banning Xbox Live accounts associated with those found to be sharing footage. Que the rush of kids signing¬† into YouTube to delete those uploads.

Source – Games Industry

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