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March 31, 2013

Halo 4 Forge Island DLC drops on Xbox Live

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The Halo 4 ‘Forge Island’ DLC has been released nearly two weeks early, and is available now free via Xbox Live Marketplace or the in-game store. Yea Buddy.

The update wasn’t due for release until April 11, but has launched early after passing certification a shed load quicker than 343I had anticipated.

The free update, which weighs in at a whopping 155MB, adds a new Forge Island map to the game’s Forge mode. The new map consists of three large islands with flat surfaces, separated by an open body of water.

According to 343 Industries, the map was created in response to fan demand for a flat environment on which to build their own multiplayer arenas.

So if your like me and have already spent hours and hours in forge perfecting your constructs and laying your weapon and vehicle sets, having more areas to manipulate is never a bad thing. I spent hours building a gigantic bridge from the main island to the cliff hanger, I even threw in some sections of cover for mid bridge battles.

This is what I’m thinking about for the new islands, sky bridge battles — can you say Awesomely Epic.

Send us some screen shots of your new Halo 4 Forge Island battle grounds and we will post a few of the most creative.

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