Chrome headphones

When it comes to headphones I’m not much of a lover of over-the-ear type, I prefer the in-your-ear type as they can be rolled up and stuffed in your pocket very quickly and easily.

However a little parcel arrived the other day and inside was a pair of Google Chrome headphones.

I tested them on my journey from home to London then up to the Midlands to see my sister then back home to Dundee.

So over the 7 days I gave them a very good workout.

Build quality:

They are plastic with the Chrome icon on each earpiece as well as Chrome printed on the headband. The Chrome icon is give the feel of being made out of rubber not, a printed glossy paper sticky one.

There is no in-line switch for remote and microphone.

Overall they are quite acceptable and the finish is good.

Sound Quality:

I decided to try the Chrome Headphones on genre’s from Classical, Rock and Roll to Heavy Metal.Playing the same tracks over each set of headphones on the same mobile.

From Radio stations that I knew to be giving good reception and clear.

I tested them against my trusty RHA in-your-ear MA350, RHA Headphones CA200 and lastly the HTC One set that comes with the phone.

All tests were carried out on the HTC One.

Without going into boring details of each test I’ll do a quick summary;

Trying to compare in-your-ear against over-the-ear was slightly misleading as I find the in-your-ear ones seem to give me the best bass tone.

The Chrome headphones did a very good performance over the other sets and and for £12.39 they really did surprise me on the sound quality. There was very little hiss and the treble and bass is superb. On the classical tracks they matched all the other sets but, on the Roll & Roll tracks they were slightly disappointing. The bass was tinny and the treble was poor, but out of the six tracks this only happened on one track. On the Heavy Metal I was expecting the same as the Rock & Roll but to my surprise the sound was superb, Bass was just that, no hissing, tinny sound. The treble was excellent.

Lastly the stereo was great throughout all the tests.

Google Headphones

Arm adjustments:

Without extending them they fit perfectly and, with the arms extended they fit over a cap etc.

I was hoping they would come with a bag of some sort to keep them from getting scratched etc. but no, so I found one to do the job,

The only thing I found was the lack of an in-line switch for, volume and track jumping. But for the price I can live with that.

Where to buy:


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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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