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February 27, 2013

Have you noticed the new Google Settings icon on your Android device?


I presume some of you may have woken up and noticed a new addition to your app drawer. Just after Google announced the latest version of Google Play services which we will be detailing today the company pushed out a silent upgrade to the Google Framework Services API that enabled the new “Google Settings” icon you see in your app tray so there is no need to be alarmed about it. If you haven’t got it on your device yet it will appear within the coming days.


This new menu is just an extension of the settings menu that you can already access under settings > Accounts > Google Play. Really the only difference is using the new app will grant you access to control Google + sign-in settings. The reason Google has added it is to make sure every phone has the functionality built-in as apps like TuneInn and Banjo are offering Google + sign-in functionality now, and this new app is easier than pushing manipulating the normal settings menu as that would involve getting device manufacturers and carriers involved and likely take forever.

The app is pretty useless unless you want to fine tune your sign-in settings but we suggest you just leave it their.

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