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October 17, 2013

HMV finally embraces the internet with new UK music store app


It wasn’t long ago we were writing about HMV filing for bankruptcy but managing to avoid closure. HMV have finally seen sense and are now hoping to breathe new life into the business with there all new digital storefront. Under the leadership of Hilco, a retailing structure business that is known for picking up Polaroids brand, HMV have launched a new music store app for both Android and iOS devices. The new app will allow smartphone owners to listen to or purchase tracks by scanning images of albums and posters or by tagging audio tracks thanks to Soundhound’s music discovery algorithms. HMV also plans to integrate its new store on a totally revamped website in the next week allowing everyone to get in on the action.

Source – HMV Music (AppStore), HMV Music (Google Play), Hilco

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