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December 31, 2014

Homebrew apps may be possible on Xbox One as SDK leaks


It looks like Microsoft will be finishing off 2014 with a massive headache as hacking group H4LT leak the Xbox One developer SDK.

So what did this mean? Basically it could allow people to build Xbox One games and apps without registering as a developer. This could lead to a disaster scenario like we already have on the Xbox 360 were games like Call Of Duty are so modified that getting a game is near impossible but H4LT cites that they have only reasons for posting the software. They say it’s to allow greater creativity and research… towards homebrew applications” on the console.

Although the software has leaked it doesn’t mean that you can start creating your own official Xbox One apps, the reason being you would need to clear a load of hurdles like Microsoft’s ID@Xbox publishing program. The worry for Microsoft will be that now it’s out there everyone will be looking for vulnerabilities to bypass said restrictions. The tweet is below and if you check there Twitter page a lot of progress has been made already.

Via – The Verge

Source – H4LT (Twitter)

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