When I reviewed our first home security product a few years ago I had many readers asking me if using indoor security was actually worth the hassle and cost. Back then I told them I thought that it was given the correct use and price point. A few years on my opinion is still the same and HomeMonitor may have the product you are looking for.

It is worth noting that I have put this camera through a longer test than normal due to personal setbacks holding the review back so hopefully I can give a good honest account before you go splashing the cash.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the HomeMonitor HD is a very simple yet effective one as it’s glossy white plastic shell is sure to fit nicely in most peoples homes without standing out to much. The only part that sticks out is the lens itself with its ring of surrounding LED’s, 30 to be exact.

The build of the homeMonitor HD is also great as even tho it is very lightweight it is also very strong and would take the odd drop or fall with no problem. If you know exactly where you would like to mount it they have also included a bracket and screws for that extra secure fitment.


Around the back of the HomeMonitor HD you will find only two ports, one being for power and the other is an ethernet port for those who don’t have great Wifi.

Being plastic it is rather slippery and I noticed that if you wire it directly to the router it can be hard to position it correctly. I easily solved the problem by using a piece of doubled sided tape but maybe this is something for the guy’s to look at in the future.

The Setup Process


Setting up the HomeMonitor HD could not be easier wether you are using the Wifi or wired options. As you would expect the camera comes with instructions but really all you have to do is plug the camera into your router and into the wall for power then visit the HomeMonitor website and follow the simple instructions.

When you have done that you can then choose to do exciting stuff like setting up your own personal preferences. You can easily setup motion recording allowing you to choose two zones that you would like the HomeMonitor HD to track when there is any movement, set recording schedules which is perfect for those who only want it recording while at work and you can even set up push notifications to your mobile device.


The push notification feature is great but can be a little sensitive, if you own a pet you can set these zones high up to avoid constant notifications. Other setup features include night vision settings and video stream quality setting’s.

In all honesty the setup could not be easier and HomeMonitor have made it so basic that anyone could get this camera up and running without any hassle at all.

So What About The App And Footage?

This is where the fun begins as once you have setup your HomeMonitor HD you can go ahead and download the HomeMontitor app which is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even the Roku. The app itself can be amusing and allows you to view footage live or even watch up to 7 days of your old recorded footage for free.

Myself and wife had a lot of fun with this app as we could both watch what mischief our dog was getting up to while we were at work. You can have up-to three users using the app making it very useful indeed.

Within the App you can toggle notifications on and off just incase like me you thought putting them on was a good idea.

The live video performance of the HomeMonitor HD is great but there is a slight delay of maybe 7-9 seconds while watching from my mobile device but to be perfectly honest this is definitely not a big deal. When watching footage on HomeMonitor’s site there seems to be a reduced delay of maybe 3-4 seconds.

The 720p HD (1280 x 720 pixels) recordings  that the HomeMonitor HD produces are great and the wide viewing angle of 107 degrees is more than satisfactory. I know that a lot of people will be wondering how it performs in low light situations and I must say those 30 LED’s on the front really help and the results are great, you will not be disappointed.

There HomeMonitor HD has an integrated microphone and I must say I was very impressed with the sound quality I experienced during testing. To give an example I set up the HomeMonitor HD in my front room to keep an eye on my bearded dragons daily activity (man he’s lazy) and I could here my dog playing with a plastic bottle in the back room of my home.


The HomeMonitor HD is probably one of the best and easiest to setup indoor security cameras we have tested. It will set you back £147 from Amazon which you could argue isn’t cheap but look at this way. For that £147 you are getting a great camera that is super easy to setup and has an awesome app to view your live footage on.

There is of course room for improvement with the next version like 1080p recording and no lag with the apps but in all honesty I would happily recommend the HomeMonitor HD to anyone looking to add a bit of security to their home. If you are looking to buy one now then hit the Amazon link below.


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