The internet is an amazing place, all it takes is one celebrity or in this case a famous vlogger to get a something new and the hype begins. Lately thanks to the awesome Casey Neistat the internet has been going crazy for the HoverBoard, Balance Board, Segway, swegway, IO Hawk or whatever the hell the actual name for this awesome piece of tech pictured above is. So let me tell you why there are so many names, basically these boards are made in a Chinese factory and everyone who owns a business has jumped on them due to popularity and slapped their sticker on the front of it. To be honest who can blame them I would be tempted to do the same.


So back on track, I recently caved to the hype and picked on up from an Amazon store called Muzeli. Delivery of the item took only a week and it arrived very well packaged so no complaints there, the seller also sent regular updates as well as tracking so the process was pretty seamless.

The Unboxing & First Test Ride

So rather than me write all about my first Impressions and what you get in the box I made a little video for you.

Overall Thoughts So Far

So I’ve been using this daily now for a about 4 days and to be honest the hype is totally justified. I have had a ton of fun on this so far but there is obviously a danger element, as you seen in the video, falling off is a possibility so make sure your kids have that safety gear on. I’ll be posting a few videos on this product including a full review so stay tuned for that. As always if you have any questions at all about the board then ask below or hit me up on Twitter (@Beginnerstech).

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