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July 30, 2012

How to flash a ROM on your Nexus 7

So you have followed our ROOT GUIDE and managed to gain root access on your new Nexus 7 tablet so what now? Why not flash and try one of the most popular ROMS available CyanogenMod 10.


Step 1 – Download these TWO files

CyanogenMod 10 ROM (,md5sum: fc7d8e40cbf93289267b6674d2d4e9ad)

Link 1

Link 2

Google Apps Package (, md5sum: 10988c023495b7871514f2d69cbc2503)

Step 2 – Backup all your phones Personal Data just incase.

Step 3 – Copy the Two files to your Tablets SD partition by hooking the nexus 7 up to your PC and drag the two files onto the ROOT of it no folders.

Step 4 – Turn OFF your Tablet and boot into ClockWorkMod Recovery. To do this simply hold down the volume up, down and power button into your Nexus 7 boots into it.

Step 5 – Now Backup your device by clicking on Backup and Restore then on the next screen select Backup. When Backup is complete head back to main Menu again.

Step 6 – Select Wipe Data/Factory reset option and select yes in the next screen.

Step 7 – Now select Install Zip form SD Card option then Choose Zip from SD card option then browse for the CyanogenMod 10 ZIP you put on there and click on it. Confirm you want to flash this by selecting YES.

Step 8 – Repeat Step 7 to install the GApps ZIP.

Step 9 – Now all thats left to do is select Go Back to get to the main Menu and click Reboot System Now.

Well done you now have CyanogenMod 10 installed on your Nexus 7 so go enjoy it buttery smoothness.

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