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April 2, 2011

How To Install Custom Recovery On Desire HD

Now that you are fully rooted you are ready to install a custom recovery,if your not rooted use the process here

Disclaimer – Follow this guide at your own risk i am not responsible for any damage you cause to your device.

The next step is to install clockwork mod recovery as this will allow you to flash roms, themes, scripts and create backups.

1. Download ROM manager from the android market

2. Open ROM manager and click flash ClockworkMod Recovery.

3. Now select reeboot into recovery to ensure everything worked well

When you first go into recovery select BACKUP/RESTORE option you do this by navigating with the volume up/down and selecting with the power button.

Make a backup now!!!

This will take a full backup of your phone and place it on your sd card, this will ensure that if anything ever goes wrong with your phone you can return it to the current state before the backup was taken.

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