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February 18, 2013

How to play games in your Mac’s terminal


Sometimes work can be stressful and you just need that little gaming fix to bring you back to center. Well if you have a Mac it’s pretty easy to play some of those old school games within terminal. A few commands and you can play greats like snake, pong, 5×5, solitaire and Tetris among others.


To start this up its pretty straight forward just follow below.

1. Open up your Terminal app (its in /Applications/Utilities)

2. When opened type the word emacs into the prompt and hit Enter to open it up. Press ESC then X

3. Next just type the name of the game you would like to play and release some stress.

Different versions of OS X have different games this can be checked by following this Tutorial.

What’s your favourite game let is know below.

Source – Lifehacker

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