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March 10, 2013

How to setup your WiFi dongle on Raspbmc


So I have been reading the forums lately and it seems a lot of people are facing the same problems when trying to set up there WiFi dongles in Raspbmc. I also noted that a lot of people didn’t seem to be getting much help. If you are having these problems do not worry help is at hand just follow the simple tutorial below.



Before you start this tutorial you must have your raspberry Pi connected up with your Ethernet cable plugged in.

Step 1: In XBMC navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Add-ons

Step 3: Select Get Add-ons

Step 4: Now select Add-ons

Step 5: Select program Add-ons

Step 6: Select Network-Manager and click Install

Now that you have Network Manger installed go to XBMC main screen. Now follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to program’s and select Network-Manager

Step 2: I’m presuming that your dongle is connected and it should be showing in Network Manager now. Simply click on it and enter your network password.

Step 3: You should now be on WiFi unplug your Ethernet and give it a try.

If you have any questions or just want to say thanks please leave a comment below.

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I live in Scotland UK and have been blogging about technology for a long time. I started BeginnersTech as I wanted even the total novice to be able to enjoy it as much as I do. If you ever need help or want to ask a question you have come to right place.


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  • Dave

    Brilliant, just what I was missing. Thank you!!

    • Ryan Oneill

      Glad you liked it thanks

  • Darryl

    Really appreciated! Thanks!

  • Colin Graham

    Spot on Ryan, thanks, nice to see a fellow Scot leading the way 🙂

  • Thanks for the comments guys, glad I could help

  • Kjeld Holmelund

    thank you from an old 73 computer freak

  • Paul

    my network status status says connecting for about 15 seconds and then it disconnects. I have no trouble with any other wifi devices so I’m presuming its the PI. Love a solution, cheers

  • Mike

    The same happens with my PI, I’m using raspbian OS installed a few days ago and configured to auto update each boot. I notice Paul’s post is 4 days ago while the others are a month ago. Is it a new version issue?

  • Whenever I insert my wifi dongle, the screen goes black.

  • Thank you, worked a treat, shame there is no zip file to add this on via a USB drive.

  • Connor P

    I’m not getting any response regarding a connection, it will say connecting forever, the WiFi is getting picked up and I’ve tried two dongles, neither of which solved it, once I go back to the network page it says disconnected and nothing more will happen unless I delete the current ssid and add it again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Zan

    Hi Ryan, this looks like a great post- I will be trying this out in the morning! I’m aware that most people don’t leave posts when things do actually work and am optimistic that following your instructions will work 🙂

    I do, if you don’t mind have a question (a little unrelated). I’ve only just installed the Raspbmc- I’ve managed to connect my raspberry pi to my tv via hdmi cable, then I added a respository (hope that’s right- it’s all new to me!)/ I added Icefilms after following tutorials in YouTube and other websites. I specifically searched for legal ways to gain content as I have none. Getting xbmc running was awesome but its just an empty shell so really wanted to show off something! Manager to play a movie for the kids from Icefilms. But I’m now worried that I might be doing something totally illegal 🙁
    If xbmc is uploading material as were streaming then surely this could be considered as illegal? I’m not even sure if it does?

    Guess my question is, does it upload material (or Icefilms itself upload material) and if so is there anything in respects to changing the settings that I can do to prevent this from happening????

    Please do try to answer my question..

    Thank you so much again for the instructions you put up regarding wifi 🙂

  • Andy

    Didn’t realise it was that easy! Thanks. Works a treat!

  • abyoung97

    hi, wondering if you can help i followed all the steps on a brand new installation of raspbmc but after install WiFi manager it doesn’t show up in the programs tab, the only thing that’s there is raspbmc settings.

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  • Nomiden

    Thanks a lot…. it works!!!!

  • Marty

    Excellent guide, many many thanks

  • Phil

    Many thanks got it sorted!

    • Ryan Oneill

      No problem thanks for visiting us and glad we could help

  • john

    thanks Ryan my wifi works fine now I’ve got a proplem with buffering does it every fewseconds any ideas? thanks again john B

    • Ryan Oneill

      maybe check what speeds the dongle is receiving just in case its a weak signal