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March 18, 2013

How Twitter cost a member of UK parliament £14,268


As you will be aware the British charity Comic Relief hosts a bi-annual fundraiser called Red Nose Day that encourages people to show their wacky side and raise money for charity at the same time. When the event started on Friday, UK parliament member Fiona MacTaggart done just that and came up with the idea that she would base her donation off Twitter retweets. The BBC is reporting that she didn’t expect the reaction she received when she tweeted her offer to donate £1 for every retweet before 9PM that night.

As you can imagine the total shot up and finally stopped at £14,268. While the total was unexpected it should be pointed out that MacTaggart is a generous donator when it comes charity and confirmed this with the tweet ” I had already planned to give Comic Relief £10,000.” As expected she is happy to pay the full amount as promised on Twitter so we applaud her generosity. These kind of things are not uncommon on Twitter so we encourage everyone to ensure they are prepare before trying these stunts.

Source – BBC

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