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February 13, 2013

HTC begin ‘One’ teaser ahead of February 19th event


HTC has placed a launch clock on it’s landing page counting down to it’s February 19th event. There is something special about this clock tho, each time the final second hits “One” it is highlighted in green and a cryptic image appears in the background briefly. We are certainly excited about the event and I’m sure we are not alone.

But what can we expect from what will be HTC’s new flagship handset?

Well the thought to be codenamed M7, HTC’s new flagship device has been revealed in leaked parts, software and specs. Peter Chou even gave it a brief appearance at the company party. Just a day ago @evleaks uploaded a full render and labelled it “HTC One” showing a beautiful looking aluminium model but it looked nothing like the one Chou revealed. We have to remember that Evleaks are prolific smartphone leakers. Maybe we are going to see a few devices launched at the upcoming event as last years event saw three One series handsets released. So stay tuned for more leaks as we are sure there will be more to follow.

Source – HTC

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