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March 10, 2015

HTC BlinkFeed plus Facebook and Twitter plugins for any Android device

HTC-BlinkFeedAll HTC One owners know about BlinkFeed, the company’s social feed and news aggregator. When it first came out it was a little bit clumsy but, now with all the updates has become slick. Blinkfeed has become ‘part of the furniture’ now on HTC handsets for a while, occupying a whole homescreen there out of the box.

Blinkfeed1_a Blinkfeed2_a

It shows pertinent weather & clock info, custom info feeds, and your social networking updates, all wrapped in a pretty, scrollable interface.

If you’ve seen it on HTC handsets and  like what you are seeing, the good news is you can now get BlinkFeed on any Android device running v4.4+. To check out if you have been missing out on anything, here’s what you need to do:

1. Download and install all four files that constitute the HTC BlinkFeed experience;

  • HTC BlinkFeed – v6.3.840430
  • HTC Service Pack – v1.1.853606
  • Weather – v6.2.836008
  • WorldClock – v6.1.797217

2. Next we come to the social network plugins, download any one, or all at once, then install like a regular app;

  • Facebook – v6.0.847523
  • Twitter – v6.0.847461
  • Instagram Plugin – v6.0.847476
  • Google Plus Plugin – v6.0.847461
  • LinkedIn Plugin – v6.0.847476

This is it, now you have the pretty BlinkFeed aggregator up and running on your Android phone with KitKat or higher, and the files for the all-new Sense 7 BlinkFeed won’t be far behind, promise the developers (gakugaku, ckpv5, lyapota, xpirt) behind these hacks.

Source: XDA-Devs

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