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April 13, 2013

HTC Drop down to 4th in the Smartphone Manufacturer Rankings


With LG up to third in the smartphone sales ranking obviously behind Samsung and Apple. HTC have slipped down to fourth spot but, what does this mean for HTC?

LG gained the third spot for the first time with rise in 3.2 percent market shares in the fourth quarter. Industry data from the research firm Strategy Analytics indicates that high-end smartphone from LG has helped to the third spot, while the rival HTC Corp has dropped to fourth place.

Well we all know that HTC have failed miserably with promoting their phones. Never a high profile company like Samsung and Apple but, why though has it taken so long for the penny to drop, to see the light!
They started to see the light when they released the HTC One X but the One series was already in the market and they came too late to rescue the sales of the One series.

But now with the HTC One they have finally seen the light. The first good move was showing the HTC One at football parks around the world in its most prestigious competition before it had gone on sale, it put the phone into peoples minds and was seen by millions around the world. The next was the cheeky move at Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling in New York which was something you would have expected Samsung to do, but HTC getting into the waiting crowd and showing off the HTC One was a bold move you can watch it in this video below.

Even LG was in on the act with these ads above the Samsung ads.


I hope that HTC and their PR people keep up with the promotions with the One and subsequent phones they release. I would however like to see more ads on TV.

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Dave Thornton

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Senior Editor
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