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January 25, 2013

HTC goes to war with the dev community

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HTC aren’t having a great time in the Android scene lately but they where hoping to reverse all there bad luck with the release of the Droid DNA the Butterfly and the upcoming M7. So all seemed good as releasing great handsets is obviously a great idea to get your business back on track but it looks like they have went and started digging another hole. There latest stunt is going to cost them dearly.

The Taiwanese company seem to be on the war path and have started to take down sites that distribute firmwares of there devices. The latest casualty is and this just happens to be one of the most popular repositories for HTC ROMs. The owner of this great site has been told by the HTC’s legal representative’s to delete all uploaded RUU files and custom ROMs and to make things even worse the domain has also been seized by HTC.

HTC has of course given a lame excuse for this ridiculous escapade they are embarking on. HTC said that apart from the use of HTC logo on the website, HTC said that the copyrighted ROMs that were posted may cause potential harm to a user’s device. Laugh Out Loud my friends. HTC obviously have the right to do this but why attack a community that helps it’s users more than they do? I personally received many emails when the HTC One X first dropped from excited fans looking forward to getting there hands on the device as “The dev support was great and that meant loads of custom ROM’s and help”.

The story will continue and im sure many sites will fall victim to this. Good luck with your sales HTC.



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