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May 17, 2011

HTC to launch 10-inch Tablet codenamed Puccini

HTC look set to release a 10-inch tablet named HTC Puccini. The news comes from 911sniper who is well known for leaking us all those HTC roms, this stand up with the longstanding rumour that HTC are to release two 10-inch tablets by the summer.It’s said to be rocking LTE for Cingular (AT&T) in the US and running Android 3.0.1 with a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm MSM8660 which offers plenty of processing power. The screen should be a nice 1280×800 pixels. It should also be noted the prime postition of the notes App could this mean a Magic Pen? Subscribe to be kept up-to-date with the news as it comes.

Source – 911sniper

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