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March 5, 2015

HTC looking to TouchPal for their Android keyboard

TouchPal_Main2With Android we have been blessed with a multitude of keyboards since day one from Google’s Play Store. We also have Apple who in recent times have let third party keyboard apps on their AppStore site.

Now according to Pando Daily, HTC is replacing their current keyboard provider, Nuance’s Swype with TouchPal, as its new default input engine on all of its new Android devices — including the recently announced One M9 on all worldwide releases, but could be changed if requested by operators.

TouchPal_1 TouchPal2
While HTC haven’t officially comment on this, an internal source verified TouchPal’s announcement, though it didn’t go into detail as to what prompted the move.

So why as HTC decided to switch from Swype to his keyboard, you my ask. Well TouchPal COO and Chief Architect Karl Zhang believes it’s to do with his company’s better contextual prediction technology, support for over 90 languages and better backend support. There’s no doubt that Nuance will not be too happy about this, given the history between these two companies: Back in 2012 Nuance tried to acquire TouchPal, and after knocked backed, Nuance then filed for an ITC Section 337 investigation accusing TouchPal of patent infringement, but the judge ruled in favour of TouchPal the following year.


The big popular keyboards on appstores will be fighting for OEM’s to take their app and doing all they can to succeed. This gives the credence in the eyes of the consumer when looking for a new keyboard to try. Giving prominence to OEMs who use their keyboard is worth  more than words alone.


Source: Pando Daily

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