The HTC One M8 is no doubt a beautiful device with its aluminium body but that comes at a price. Having owned and used the previous HTC One and dropping it more than once due to it’s slippery surface I can tell you that not putting such a device in a case can have devastating consequences. If you have suffered such an unfortunate fate you will know how easy the One chips and it certainly takes away from its slick looks.


I have used many cases on the HTC One and today we are going to have a look at the Commuter series case from Otterbox. The Commuter case for those who may not have heard of it is a slimmed down version of the popular Defender series case. The case itself is constructed of two pieces, the rubber inner and the hard plastic outer shell that snaps over. This two piece design is common among many cases these days and seems to be the best way of keeping your device safe. It is also worth mentioning at this point that the Otterbox Commuter comes in many colour options and Otterbox even let you design your own for that more personal experience.


So let’s to a look at the two pieces. The rubber lining is very soft and flexible and has holes that match up with all the ports to ensure no functionality is lost. The micro-USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack feature a nice flap that stops any dust from entering, this is great as these holes can soon fill up with dirt and lint from your pockets. The volume buttons are also rubberised making them a little easier to press and makes them feel a bit more solid.

IMG_20140816_104654 IMG_20140816_104725

If we take a look around back you will see the camera cutouts that line up perfectly and will protect those lenses and flash from unwanted scratches or worse. Up top you will notice the power button is not covered and this is due to the IrDa port feature. By not covering it but still protecting it with the raised lip that you can see in the pictures the functionality remains while still giving it that little but of protection. It is also worth noting that the rubber also features cutouts for the microphones including the rear noise cancelling one.

IMG_20140816_104643 IMG_20140816_104631

If we take a look at the front of the device you can see that the rubber features a raised rim. To me this is a vital part of any decent case. The raised rim provides your screen with great protection ensuring if your device was to fall and land flat the rubber bezel would absorb the impact and hopefully ensure that beautiful screen doesn’t get cracked.

IMG_20140816_104733 IMG_20140816_104934

The plastic outer shell fits easily and snug over the rubber inner and provides you with even more protection. This also features the same cutouts as the rubber inner. The combination of the rubber and plastic ensures a nice grippy experience when holding your device, I feel this is a must with the HTC One M8.

After using the Otterbox Commuter for over a month on my HTC One M8 I can certainly say that it’s a great choice for anyone looking to invest in some great protection. It does bulk up your HTC One M8 a bit but personally I’d rather the extra bulk than a chipped aluminium phone. We also have the Defender Series case for review for those who want to take protection to a whole new level. If your looking to get a case for your HTC One M8 then be sure to visit MobileFun.


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