The HTC One (M8) is a beautiful piece of hardware with it’s full aluminium body and screen to match. With such a perfect device you are going to want to keep it that way as long as possible. Sure you get a silicone case included with the device or you could opt for HTC’s other option the Dot View cover but if you are looking to go for the hardcore option and get some serious protection then as always Otterbox have your back.


With that said today we are going to look at the Defender Series case from Otterbox who say it will protect your HTC One M8 from drops, shocks, dust and scratches. One quick look at the case and you will see straight away that this is hardly a surprise with the size and bulk of the case.

When you remove the Otterbox Defender from it’s packaging you have to separate the case into its three parts. The parts consist of the the hard plastic shell with it’s built in screen protector, the outer rubber layer and the belt clip. Taking it apart can be a little bit tricky but with a little patience you should have no trouble.


The inner layer of the case is a hard plastic shell composed of two pieces that you snap together around your HTC One M8. The inside of the plastic shell is lined with a soft foam that will prevent even the case itself from leaving any marks on your HTC One M8. It is worth saying at this point that you should try avoid touching the inside of the built in screen protector or give it a good clean before snapping the case on to ensure you don’t have to remove and start again due to finger prints on the inside.


The Defender’s outer layer is made from a thick silicone rubber. This rubber is wrapped and tucked around the plastic inner layer and to get it just right requires a little patience. The rubber layer on the defender is super thick and you can tell that it will take the hit for your M8 without any issues.


When it’s all put together you will notice that nearly every part of your device is protected. Starting on the back of the case you will see that the Otterbox Defender features cutouts for the M8’s two camera’s and the rear microphone. The cutouts are raised offering great protection without impacting on camera performance.


If we take a look around the sides of the case you will see you have access to all port’s and buttons. All of the ports and buttons are covered in rubber for extra protection except the power button as obviously it doubles as an IR Blaster, this is great as I use this function regular but it’s not really a case I would leave on while in the house so could live without it while using this case.


The micro-USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack feature a rubber flap that keeps dust and anything else in your pocket from damaging them.



Now on the front we can see the built in screen protecter and huge raised edges providing the ultimate screen protection. The screen protector covers the whole screen but features cutouts for the BoomSound speakers to ensure you still get that premium sound while using the Defender case and obviously so you can make and receive calls. The front facing camera is also cutout just incase you want to take a selfie while out and about. The built in screen protector is great and didn’t cause us any issues at all and this was with the screen protector we already had on the M8.



Overall the Otterbox Defender is the most protective case we have reviewed so far and I would say if you are looking for class A protection then look no further. The only thing that the HTC One M8 Otterbox Defender will not do is protect your device from water, it will protect your M8 against a splash or a quick call in the rain but unfortunately it is not fully waterproof. The Otterbox Defender will certainly add bulk to your device but it’s a small price to pay for the amount of protection it offers. If your looking to pick one up then you can buy one from MobileFun for £39.99 and it comes in a few different colour options to suite your needs.

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