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October 16, 2013

HTC One Max coming to UK but Only on Vodafone at First


Given the problems that beset HTC I can’t really figure out why they would give one company the exclusive rights to sell it first.

HTC One Max, the company’s latest flagship smartphone, and you want to be among the first ones to grab the 5.9-inch HTC monster then consider switching to Vodafone because the phone will be exclusively available on their network for the first few weeks after its launch.

HTC One Max among other One smartphones for purchase. The new flagship smartphone will be available on a 24 month Vodafone Red 4G-ready plan from £49 upfront and just £47 each month, Vodafone said in its Blog Post, Monday. The offer includes choice of Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV access, along with 2GB data each month. To add more excitement to it, Vodafone offers an extra 4GB data per month if customers sign up before the end of October.

However, the unlocked version of the device is available for pre-order under two retailer’s site. Clove UK has listed the device for around £589.99, while another online retailer Handtec has listed it for around £587.99. The cost of the device is for the 32GB version. Besides, the HTC One Max is yet to arrive on other retailer sites and with other U.K. carriers, which will be sometime considering Vodafone has the exclusive right for few starting weeks after launch.

Vodafone Blog Post


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Senior Editor
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