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December 3, 2013

HTC One Mini banned in the UK due to Nokia patent win


We have seen many patent battles over the years but there is no denying that the ongoing feud between HTC and Nokia is up there with the worst. It all started when Nokia forced HTC to change the microphone and radio inside HTC flagship One.

Well things have just worsened for HTC as Nokia has now won a key ruling that will ban HTC from selling the One Mini in the UK. The ban will take effect from December 6th so if you have been considering the device I would buy it ASAP. The HTC One is also not out of hot water as the flagship is also in danger of being banned but the judge acknowledged that banning HTC’s flagship model as well as the Mini could cause “considerable” damage to HTC who we all know are already doing struggling. So being a nice guy the judge has giving HTC some time to appeal. HTC are obviously upset by the ban and are arguing that the offending hardware is too small to justify the harshness of an outright ban but the rules are the rules and HTC will have to suspend sales until the get a second go in court.

Source – Bloomberg

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