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April 4, 2013

HTC One to be released on April 19th in Canada

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TELUS just announced that the HTC One would go on sale April 19th, though it’s yet to post pricing. We expect other carriers to launch the phone on the same day, but only Rogers has posted a price, $149.99 or on a three-year contract.

We had an inkling the One would be coming to Canada around this time, as it was recently announced the phone would arrive to AT&T and Sprint on the same day in the United States. It would appear the Taiwanese manufacturer has overcome its Ultrapixel sensor shortage, the purported reason for the delay. Just to get your juices flowing again the HTC One packs a 4.7-inch full HD screen, super-fancy camera with Ultrapixel technology, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, 3G/4G + Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, sensors, and so on and on. It was initially scheduled for late March or early April, HTC announced a minor delay in certain parts of the world due to unprecedented demand.

The good news for HTC fans is that the device will launch before Samsung Galaxy S4, which is expected to be the giant of the season (a clsh of the titans, if you will).

Who’s excited for the HTC One, even if it’s only going to be available in a 32GB model? TELUS will be announcing pre-order and pricing details in the coming days, but we expect it to be similar to Rogers’ price and contract length. Any guesses for an outright price? Now we’re just waiting for Bell and Virgin to Join in the fun (which they likely will) and the Canadian release will be ready to go.

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