Bellow is our video review of the Mighty Ballistic SG Case for the HTC One X, In the video i have covered, key features, protection points and the easiest way to get your handset into the Ballistic case. This case is made for maximum protection, so its not easy to get out. this is not a bad thing, its a great thing. Lets hope Ballistic keeps up the trend and brings out some new armour for The upcoming HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.


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Jonny Polea

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I joined Beginners Tech as a Technical Journalist in July 2012 and have never looked back. I love tech, gadgets, games and electronics; whether they are retro, current or future concepts. My loving fiancé Sarah has said that when I receive new items for review I’m like a kid in a toy shop – unable to leave it alone for two minutes! Coming from a design background, I am passionate about the design and aesthetics of tech as well as functionality.