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April 8, 2013

HTC reports worst quarterly profit so far, HTC One delays to blame


When a company drops an awesome flagship device like HTC did with the One you would expect a glowing report of earnings. However HTC has just reported its lowest EVER profit of $2.8 million in unaudited net income during the first three months of this year. To put this into perspective last year in the same quarter HTC had $173 million of profit so that’s about a 98% drop. It is also reported that underlying revenue has dropped by a third to $1.4 billion.

So we could all guess the reason why this has happened. It’s all down to the HTC One missing its global arrival date in March due to manufacturing problems. US customers still don’t have the device as it won’t start shipping till April 19th so this will be leaving HTC worried. Another problem HTC is going to have is the fact that many people may now consider holding off for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 as they have already had to wait anyway. Lets hope HTC gets things sorted as the One is definitely an awesome device.

Source – Bloomberg, HTC

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  • Jonny.Polea

    Unfortunately due to the late release of the HTC One, and the delays in the USA etc they missed out on a shed load of sales before the Q1 audit. But im guessing the new advertising campaign and unveil events will boost sales and possibly show a record amount of earings for HTC in Q2. Thats my prediction.