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August 6, 2012

HTC Sense 4.1 leaks with HTC One maXimus V2.2 ROM


Well what do we have here? Well known XDA HTC modder Football has given us all a treat in his latest ROM. Just as we were al getting used to Sense 4.0 he has mixed it up and managed to obtain a leaked version of Sense 4.1 for us all to play with. He has implemented Sense 4.1 into his latest ROM HTC One maXimus v2.2 which is available for international HTC One X models.

So whats different? Think Supercharged Sense, after flashing this ROM you will have no more lag in the launcher or when using live wallpapers and overall speed is improved greatly. The battery life is also another reason why if your rooted you must have this ROM as it improves it greatly. So we are going to test this ROM for a few days and get a video up so stay tuned or hit up the source link and get flashing now.

Have you flashed this ROM? What do you think let us know on Facebook or Twitter

Source – XDA 

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