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April 23, 2013

HTC suffer another setback with the One


It seems HTC just can’t catch a break these days even when they have just released there awesome new flagship device. The first problem was the delays with the HTC One but now they look to be on their way to the court room after Nokia was awarded a preliminary injunction on the handset over the microphone in the Netherlands.

Yes you read that correctly HTC are getting taking to court over a microphone, seems crazy that something so small can cause this much fuss but that’s the mobile industry for you. Rumour has it the HTC have used a microphone that Nokia uses in it’s Lumia range and that was enough for a judge to grant the injunction. The images below show the microphone in question that Nokia have sadly provided to the court. As you can see they have even went to the trouble of tearing down both devices and highlighting serial and model numbers.


HTC at the moment don’t seem to be in the wrong as Nokia and HTC seem to use the same manufacturer so it could all be mix up. Either way the HTC one is using a mic that was meant only for Nokia devices. There is no further information at present but we are sure this wont cause any delays in the already behind schedule US launch.

Via – slashgear

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