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March 25, 2015

HTC Theme maker website lets you personalise the One M9’s features to your hearts content

htc-themesThere are plenty of great features included with the HTC One M9. That hasn’t stopped HTC adding to the fun as they have been busy with and revealed the HTC Theme website. Basically this will allow users to design custom themes, wallpapers and ringtones for their phones.


HTC have clearly worked hard on the website, allowing users to upload their own images to use as background wallpapers for the lock screen, app screen, home screen and even the Messages app. Also one thing we do like is that you can even change the image that appears when you use a Dot View case and I personally cant wait to test that out.

The standard icons can aslo be changed and there are plenty of variations to choose from within the Theme Maker, you can however, if you prefer, create and upload your own. This also applies to ringtones, notifications and alarms — HTC says that “almost any audio file” is supported.


If you’re thinking about picking up an HTC One M9, it might be worth messing around with the Theme Maker to see just how unique you can make your phone. Then when it launches in April, you can use the HTC Themes app to start customizing straight from your phone. If you make a theme be sure to share it with us over on Google Plus to let us see your creation.


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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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