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August 13, 2014

HTC to bring it’s apps to the rest of Android


HTC has many apps available for it’s devices and now it looks like they are ready to make them available for other Android devices. The news comes from Recode who say the Taiwanese company has started developing apps for Android in general as part of there new business unit HTC Creative Labs. Incase you haven’t heard about Creative Labs the first app we seen from them was Zoe that we seen on the M7.

Zoe is has the makings of a great app as it is able to stitch together up to 16 videos or images. You can then add a theme and soundtrack and have an awesome compilation video. With Zoe you are also able to share your creations with friends and family who can then even tweak them. There is still a lot the Zoe is missing at this point and hopefully with time we will see it getting updated. While it will be available to other big players Zoe will only be functional on high end devices running Android 4.4.

HTC are planning to improve on the app by teaming up with other music and sports companies. The app is to made available by the end of the week so stay tuned and we will let you know when it drops and how it performs on other devices.

Source – Recode

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