So here it is the long awaited HTC One X from HTC’s new One series lineup. Well there is one thing for sure when it comes to HTC they have had a terrible time of it lately to many handset releases and none that have that spark to blow the competition away until now.

The ONE X is one of the most anticipated phones to be released this quarter with most pre-orders selling out and other retailers struggling to keep up with orders. As with most new handsets the ONE X is available in both black/grey or white shells. The handset is housed in a polycarbonate uni-body which makes it a good 1.1 ounce lighter than the likes of the sensation. There’s a nice little touch to the uni-body itself white the back being matte and the sides glossy it gives the phone a nice feel and look.


Holding the phone in your hand it feels nice and safe despite its 8.9mm profile and huge 4.7-inch display but off you have tiny hands maybe go for it little sister the ONE S. One thing you will notice when viewing it for the first time is that everything is implemented into the uni-body itself even the earpiece which really adds to the sleekness. The camera protrudes from the rear which a lovely silver bezel surrounding it and a single flash. HTC are priding themselves on the camera itself but well get to the shortly. The last thing you will notice is the 5-pin connector on the rear shell which will be used for HTC’s range of docks.

Now we have seen a range of phones introducing Beats Audio recently and the ONE X is no different. The speaker grill is hidden nicely behind the shell with 84 individually-drilled holes. The speaker produces plenty of noise to annoy your partner or parents. This will be complimented lovely with a pair of Dre Beat headphones to get your rock on.

The inner workings of the phone come with 32GB of memory (26GB accessible to user). There is a lovely offer to go with the ONE X tho Dropbox are doing a deal for all the ONE series phones and giving users 25GB to anyone that registers a device. The phone is running on NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor which clocks at 1.5GHz and teamed up with 1GB of RAM.


The display on the ONE X is a new 4.7-inch Super LCD 2 panel boasting 720p resolution which for the smart cookies translates to a pixel density of 316ppi. Clearly the screen is awesome and older models like the sensation can’t even be compared here as they would get embarrassed. The screen is protected with gorilla glass to ensure you get that little bit of extra protection. The viewing angles are awesome, on testing the angles there isn’t really a bad way to view this phone especially with the brightness at full.


The camera is awesome and really compliments this handset and those who have the shutterbug will not be disappointed. The camera boasts an 8-mega-pixel backside-illuminated sensor, and an insane wide aperture f/2.0 auto-focus lens.  A little extra noted is the extra processor called the Image-Chip. The camera starts up faster than any phone i have ever used there is only a 0.2-second delay between shots which actually blows the nexus out of the water. Although there is only the one led flash present it actually compliments the camera nicely as it has the capability of using five different intensity levels. After a play with the camera my favourite feature is the ability to take stills while shooting videos and being able to grab HD stills from the videos i recorded. It shoots video in full 1080p at 30fps with continuous auto-focus. Either way you will not be disappointed with with the camera.



The ONE X is running HTC’s newest edition Sense 4 which is on top of google Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. Sense 4.0 is a totally fresh take and is no longer slowed down by those ridiculous animations it is a much lighter and user friendly version. I am not a fan of sense at all but it won’t be long before we can flash a plain ICS ROM over the top off your willing to root your device. If you are a fan of sense then you will not be disappointed with this introduction. One thing worth noting is that it sometimes lags which HTC have promised they will be fixing with an OTA on release so this should no longer be a problem when you receive your device.


There is no doubt that this device is a monster and the pre-sales will show you that the specs alone are selling this baby. the build quality is awesome and the phone really does look the part and you will be sure to make your friends jealous. Battery life is the only downside but what do you expect when you have a powerhouse? Plus HTC are rolling out OTA’s to address this. I got about 13 hours out of it with moderate use which included push emails on checking Facebook and twitter and texting, off your going to spend all day on YouTube better take your charger. The only phone that may have the ability to make me put this down is the upcoming galaxy s3 but with no dates or official specs why wait?

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