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March 4, 2019

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2019 unboxing and early review

If it’s not broken simply refresh it

At the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, I attended Huawei’s press event where they unveiled not only the companies first foldable mobile the Mate X, but also a refreshed MateBook lineup with some new additions.

Luckily enough I managed to get a hold of this years MateBook X Pro. Overall it hasn’t really changed much in the looks department, which is certainly no bad thing. All the major noteworthy upgrades are under the hood in the form of new graphics, processor and cooling options.

Should I upgrade?

If you own last years X Pro then this really isn’t an upgrade worth considering. Having said that if you are in the market for a new ultrabook then this one is certainly worth close consideration.

With that said if you are here for the unboxing portion then check out my youtube video below.

Pricing and availability

When it comes to pricing I don’t have the full details but what I have been told is the lower spec model will cost €1599 with the higher end model priced at €1999.


This years MateBook X Pro features intels 8th generation processors and Nvidia’s brand new MX250 discrete graphics. The lower end will run the Intel Core i5 8265U processor, 8GB of DDR3 memory and a 256GB NVMe PCIe SSD.

Moving onto the to the top tier model Huawei bumps things up to the Intel i7-8565U processor with 16GB of RAM and a whopping 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD.

You will be happy to know that both models feature the same 10 point multi-touch 13.9 inch LTPS panel that supports up to a 3K resolution (3000×2000)

Design and display

In terms of design as I mentioned earlier not much has changed. This is certainly not a bad thing as the CNC machined metallic unibody with it’s sandblasted finish is nothing short of beautiful.

One small change you may notice however is the fact that Huawei has opted to change the logo on the lid. Last year we had the usual Huawei text with the “fan” style logo but this year they decided to keep it clean and simple and I like it.

Colour wise you will have 2 options the “Space Grey” that I have here or you can opt for the “Mystic Silver” varient. Having seen both I tend to lean toward the grey as I feel it looks modern and sleek.

Thin and Light

With the MateBook X Pro weighing in at just 1.33KG and 14.6mm thick or I guess thin, carrying this around in your bag all day certainly will not be an issue and it rivals even the MacBook Air.

The Display

Let’s move onto that absolutely stunning 10 point multi-touch 13.9 inch LTPS panel. As you can see it’s practically all screen with a 91% screen to body ratio and 3:2 aspect ratio. It is said to produce 100% sRGB, 1,500:1 contrast ratio and Huawei have even bumped the brightness up to 450-nits for a better performance in direct sunlight.

The practically bezel-less panel is absolutely stunning and I’m sure you will be very impressed. I have really enjoyed watching content and even gaming on this panel. Did he just gaming? Stay tuned to my YouTube channel to find out what this can handle in that department.

The nose cam

Of course with so much screen it has meant that Huawei have stuck with the same webcam placement as last year. While it is beneficial from a security standpoint and I personally love more screen, I cant help but feel anyone who needs to video call regular will look elsewhere due to the terrible angle.

Early thoughts on daily usage and performance

Just to clear things up, the model that I have here in the office is the top end intel i7. Also noteworthy, I have only been using this for a few days now but I wanted to give you some early thoughts on the performance.

With the MX250 on board the MateBook X Pro is certainly a lot stronger in the graphics department than other models in the MateBook line. That said the MX250 is a marginal bump up from the previous generation and it’s certainly capable with a 25W power draw compared to the usual 15W.

I have been using the MateBook for all my daily tasks like emails, browsing, Photoshop and of course watching YouTube videos and as you would expect it handles these tasks with ease and with no slowdowns.

Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad feel great, actually I was surprised how much travel is in the keys considering how thin this is. As for the touch screen I can honestly say at this point I have hardly utilized it enough to give an honest account but of course I will revisit this in the full review.

One feature I have really enjoyed is Huawei’s new OneHop (Huawei Share). OneHop basically allows you to seamlessly transfer photos from your Huawei device to the MateBook with a simple tap on the NFC tag.

The process is super fast and perfect for anyone who wants to transfer photos quickly for editing. Whilst this is the only working feature of OneHop so far other features will include cross device copy/paste and the ability to send screen recordings directly to your phone. Obviously the only downside is you need a Huawei phone for this, personally I would love to see this opened up to other phones in the near future.

In terms of battery life it has been a bit mixed for me so far. This is probably due to the variation in my tasks but I have been seeing a solid 10 hours plus so most users will be more than happy.

Closing thoughts

Overall at this stage I have been more than impressed with the 2019 MateBook X Pro. The build quality is outstanding and the screen is really the star of the show for me. If you are interested to see if this little monster can handle some gaming then be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel as I will be posting a video in the next few days.

So who is the 2019 MateBook X Pro for? Well for a start it’s not for those with the previous generation but more aimed at those new to the series looking for the very best it has to offer. If you have any questions you would like answered in the full review just let me know down below or on social media.

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