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November 17, 2014

Human-Sized Security Robots Arriving By Year End


It looks like it won’t be long until those night watchmen jobs disappear from the listings. After roughly a year of hard work, Knightscope are almost set to deploy their human sized (5 feet) autonomous robot the K5 that’s been designed to do those boring security patrols.

The K5 is a pretty intelligent machine with only a little initial instruction needed for it to learn it’s surroundings.
When set up it will keep watch using a mix of four cameras, microphones, radar and environmental sensors. The environmental sensors will keep workers safe as they are able to detect fires and gas leaks. The K5 needs either cellular data or WiFi to share its findings and let its controller speak, and before you start pricing up its scrap value it’ll set off an alarm if you try to immobilize it.

The K5 is still experimental with only 5 going into service by the end of year and I assume we will see more if they don’t turn evil and take over. Overall I think its a great idea if it doesn’t take a job away from a human as it will allow human security guards respond to situations only when it is safe to do so.

What do you think about humans being replaced by robots? Let us know.

Via – Engadget
Source – Knightscope

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