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October 23, 2014

iFixit take a look inside the iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2

Most people who buy Apple’s newest iPad Air 2 would’t even consider opening it up, but thankfully we don’t have to as the guy’s over at iFixit ¬†keep our curiosity at bay and do it for us. iFixit has pulled the iPad Air 2 apart and not only was it tougher than before but if you have to replace that LCD then it’s certainly going to be more expensive. The reason it will be more expensive is Apple has bonded the display together to reduce reflections but the result is, if you crack the digitiser you have to replace the whole LCD unit. The battery inside is also smaller than last years 32.9 Wh at 27.62 Wh, this isn’t a worry tho as Apple have made this years iPad Air 2 more efficient so battery life should remain as good. If you want to see all the awesome pictures iFixit have taken then be sure to check out the source link below.

Source – iFixit

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