igo_logoAre you like me and plug your charger into your laptop only to forget to take it out again, possibly leaving it plugged in all night! If your charger doesn’t switch off automatically when charge is completed then you could be potentially be damaging your battery.

iGO-1I’ve been using the iGO 90 watt automatic charger on my Acer C270 Chromebook and haven’t been disappointed. Before I could test it  though I found that the none of the variety of tips that came with the iGO, nine-in-all, fitted the Acer C270 Chromebook, a quick support email to iGO sorted it out and they sent me the 714 tip for my Chromebook, free of charge. iGO_1 SO why buy the iGO 90 Watt Automatic Charger?
Well for the reason I said above, I’m forgetful and get annoyed with myself for leaving the charger plugged in overnight. I needed an automatic one, if for nothing else, my peace-of-mind. After looking around and seeing good reports of the iGO 90 Watt Automatic Charger I decided to buy one. The description of the iGO 90 Watt Automatic Charger states:

  • Lightweight and portable – the iGo Value AC Charger is the perfect secondary or replacement charger.
  • Complete with 9 tips.
  • Guaranteed to work with your laptop.

Waiting for it to charge my Chromebook seemed to take ages, but after a short while it was fully charged. So now it’s plug it in and forget about it, great. iGO website

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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
Been involved in technology for many years, more than I care to remember. Live in Dundee, Scotland. I like Android, Windows Phone OS, BlackBerry OS and iOS, and love writing about all things techie. Currently have a Honor 6+, Elephone P6000, Nexus 5, Chrombook C720, HTC One M7, Nokia Lumina 625, Microsoft Lumia 435, Blackberry Q10, HTC Hero and iPad mini