immerse-virtual-reality-headset-_5_aVirtual Reality is becoming more popular as developers release more awesome apps and games. One problem is that some headsets like the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR can cost a lot of money making it not so accessible to the average consumer. Well today I have in my possession the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset that aims to take you into the world of VR for just £29.95. So it’s cheap  enough but is it worth it?? Let’s jump in and find out.


So some people may be thinking that they could make there own version of Google Cardboard for £5 and get the same experience that Immerse offers but if you are then you are missing the point. Immerse may function the same but for that extra money you get something a little more substantial and comfortable to wear.


When it comes to build quality it is nothing special as you would expect at this price, it features an all plastic design but it doesn’t feel overly cheap. The plastic is sturdy and the elastic headband is fully adjustable. The headset also features a nice soft padding where the headset rests against your face so wearing it for long periods of time is no issue. The lenses arrive with a plastic cover to ensure no damage would be sustained during shipping and they are fully adjustable to ensure they fit everyones needs.


Setup is a breeze, download your apps of choice and if your struggling for ideas just do a search for VR. After than open up the front of the headset, place your device in and you are good to go. It’s worth mentioning that the adjustable latch can hold most smart devices on the market these days so chances are your covered. One thing I noted is that some devices that are a little bulkier like the LG G3 don’t stay in pace as good as others but if you take your time there is no issue.


On each side of the headset there are holes that can be pooped out to allow you to use headphones while using the Immerse headset. I would recommend that if you are looking for the best VR experience that this headset can offer then use the best headphones you have at your disposal as it really adds to the experience. As mentioned earlier the lenses inside the headset are adjustable and you can to this by using the sliders on top of the headset. You can also adjust the focus by rotating the lenses if need be.


So overall the experience is pretty pleasurable, the headset is super comfortable and not overly heavy even when your device is inside. There are a few problems with this headset tho, there is no way of interacting with the screen at all and even the cheaper Google cardboard allows for this. So to use this you have to set the app up before putting the headset on. It’s not overly time consuming but it is slightly annoying.

I watched a few 3D movies and experienced my fair share of VR and if your looking to have some fun with the family or show off to friends then this is definitely a worthwhile purchase. If you are serious about VR then I would look elsewhere.

Pick yours up from Red5 now.



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