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February 2, 2014

Infographic – Top Ten dangerous things we do with our smartphones


So what are the top ten most dangerous things we are doing with our smartphones?

Infographic – put together by US insurance firm Protect Your Bubble reveals the answer. We are not going to go through all the points one-by-one, just the top five but show you all of them via the images below.

Infographic1 Occupying the number one spot is that, 62% of smartphone users fail to protect their device with a password. Keep that in mind when all of a sudden, your smartphone is lost or stolen.

Infographic2Number two: is the use of auto sign in for banking and financial websites. While many don’t use a password on their phone when they should, 32% store their private passwords on their phone. Why store your passwords on the same device!

Infographic3Number three: Taking nude or semi-nude photo’s is not wrong but teenagers should be very careful of making sure that that auto-upload of photos is Not checked. When sending such photos be aware that whoever you send them to can forward them to whoever, and before you know it they’ve gone all over the world. Leaving you with no control what-so-ever. Infographic4Number four: Deals with the 156 million phishing emails sent daily. Don’t click on links inside fraudulent emails. Many smartphone owners do. Most legitimate correspondences from a major corporation will not ask for your account number, password or social security number. And if you’re away on vacation, don’t post your photos to a social network while you’re still away. 75% of convicted burglars say that this is how others in their line of business find their victims.

Infographic5Number five: Is one that, to be honest, I had not really thought about. Taking photos when on holiday can lead to burglars to use social media to find out if your away on holiday and then see about breaking into your home. 75% of burglars think other burglars use this to find their targets. Not really sure how they collated this but hey-oh they did.

We’ll leave the rest to you to ponder and see if you have thought about them. Let’s know in the comments below your thoughts, we’ll look forward to reading them.

Infographic6 Infographic7

Infographic8 Infographic9 Infographic10

Source: ProtectYourBubble via VentureBeat

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