Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free) by Warner Bros is an epic one-on-one tag team battle game starring all your favourite DC Comic superheroes and of course super villains. In this card collecting game you will team up with the likes of Superman, Green lantern and Doomsday as you build your ultimate team.


The game starts with the usual battle training. In training you will learn how to attack, defend and build up enough energy to unleash your characters special move. Every character has there own unique special move and you determine how much damage it will cause your opponent by tapping frantically to increase power bar.

training 2


When training is over you are giving your first pack of collectable hero cards. As you play the game you will earn new cards but there is also the option to purchase them with the coins that you earn during the game. Each new pack of cards brings new characters keeping the game exciting and fresh.

This game can be addictive but to ensure you can’t get your battle on to much you need energy points to join a new battle. Each character you have has 10 energy points to start out with that can disappear quickly during battle. If you want more energy points to use your favourite character again you will have to wait around 10 minutes for them to gain 1 energy point.

Battles are just fantastic you swipe and tap your heart out to attack your opponent and as I mentioned different combo’s unleash different moves. As you fight you gain more power that can be used to unleash your character special move and as you see in the screenshot above you just have to click the icon next to power bar to use it.

The coins that you earn can also be used to buy support cards. Each support card will produce different effects for certain characters. An example of this is “Acrobat” gives all your Nightwing cards 10 percent more health so this can be very handy as you progress.

As you would expect this freemium game also allows the impatient among us to spend our hard earned cash to warm rewards faster. Unlike some freemium games you can actually enjoy this game for a good while before even thinking about spending money.


This head-to-head good versus evil game is awesome. Anyone who loves DC comics superhero world will be thrilled to play this game. It can be quite addictive to play and reminds me of the days I used to bathe it out on Street Fighter. The game play is fast and the graphics are stunning so hit the App Store icon below to get your download on.


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