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March 31, 2013

Innovation Is The Key to Android and Google (read Motorola)

google-nexus When it comes to innovation in the mobile world, Google will have had plenty of time since last year’s I/O to come up with not only the latest but, also new technology. This is something that they will want to show off on a device of their own by way of the Nexus handset. The new update along with integration of existing Google services would look great on the pure Android device.

 So now we have rumours (again) that something big is going to be announced  on May 15th / 17th at this year’s I/O event but, what about Motorola? Where do they or how do they fit into the puzzle.

The exec at Google talked about the relationships of the companies saying that “It’s almost as if Motorola is a separate company.” This could be taken that Google have been in talks with other companies about the Nexus 5, or it could be taken that ‘We will launch Android 5.0 with Motorola X, but you have no reason to worry. Motorola is just like you, a partner.’

 In November last year the LG Nexus 4 came out and people had problems getting their hands on the device. If Google was to reveal a Nexus in May then people might not be too happy. However Google could get away with releasing a handset without the Nexus name that came with some of the benefits of a Nexus device.

Google could be clever with this as they could build up the Motorola X series, without having any effect on the Nexus brand. They may even be able to get the brand name as popular as the Nexus brand. So my question is, will the Motorola X come with Key Lime Pie? We haven’t long to wait now.

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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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