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October 24, 2013

Instagram Gives Us A Preview Of What Their Ads Are Going To Look Like


Instagram announced that they would be bringing paid ads to the service back in October. The paid ads will be added directly in to your feed. Users weren’t quite sure how to take this information. We knew ads were coming, but we didn’t know how they would look or perform. Today, Instagram is giving us a preview of what users can expect to see when they finally roll out ads into their feeds.

Looking at the photo above we can see that ads will clearly be tagged with a “Sponsored” label. Users will be able to hide them from their feeds. You’ll also be able to send feedback on ads which the Instagram team will use to show you ads that are better suited to you. Instagram is working with companies to bring creative ads that will engage users. Just judging by the image here, the Instagram ads will be visually appealing and won’t get in the way too much.

The company will begin rolling out ads to users in the next week or so. They are starting with the image above and then adding in other advertisements from there.

How do you feel about Instagram ads? Do you think they will get in the way?

Via: the official Instagram blog

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