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August 4, 2017

Intel Coffee Lake, Quad Core i3, Six Core i5 And i7


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We’ve probably all seen the latest from AMD in the form of Threadripper and Vega but today we have some interesting stuff coming from Intel.

I’ve been browsing the web to find all kinds of info I can on Intels latest line of CPUs. So here is everything I’ve found so far.

Coffee Lake CPUs will require a new socket

Motherboard manufacturer ASRock have confirmed that the next gen of Intels CPUs will require a brand new socket and thus a brand new series of motherboards. Now this did happen with Kaby lake as well, but that turned out to be false, but as the information has come from the official ASRock Twitter its safe to assume that this info is accurate.

Here is a screenshot from TomsHardware of the original tweet and ASRocks reply.

accindental-tweetHowever since then ASRock have removed the tweet, so did they accidentally break an NDA agreement or was it simply a mistake? Well at this point I’m not sure, but it looks likely that the above could be true.

Potential quad Core i3 8300 

Doing some more digging I also found that there is a leaked screenshot (from of a potential quad core eight thread Intel i3 in the works.


This CPU has four cores with eight threads, is clocked at 4GHz and could have a low TDP of 65W. Could this be true good to be true?

I think not, yes this means that this variant of the i3 will be on par with the current gen i7 7700K. However it does make sense. If you look at the latest offerings from AMD in both the Ryzen 3 1200 and 1300x, it looks like Intel could be hitting back hard. If the image rings true, this would in fact beat out AMDs Ryzen 3 CPUs.

But in reality if they do release a quad core, its likely to be a quad core with four threads and not eight. This way it more directly competes with Ryzen and not its own CPUs.

Speaking of, if it is an 8 thread CPU with four cores, this could ruin any potential sales of the 7700K as this i3 will likely be a lot cheaper in comparison. I personally don’t see this happening as the 6700k and 7700k are still solid sellers for Intel and I wouldn’t see them wanting to mess that up. So again a four core four thread option looks more viable.

Now again, this is pure speculation at this point and we won’t know until actually announces it or there is more concrete proof of it being true. So take the above info with a pinch of salt as I was making assumptions as to what could happen if the leak turns out to be true.

Possible six core i5 and i7 Coffee Lake CPUs

Also on my travels through the interweb, I found some details about the higher end consumer based CPUs from Intel. The information comes from and it details specifications of a few upcoming six core CPUs. These are

  • i5 8400 – 6 core 6 thread @ 2.8GHz and 3.8GHz boost
  • i5 8600K – 6 core 6 thread @ 3.6GHz and 4.1GHz boost
  • i7 8700 – 6 core 12 thread @ 3.2GHz and 4.3GHz boost
  • i7 8700K – 6 core 12 thread @ 3.7GHz and 4.3GHz boost

The 8400 and 8700 will have a low TDP of 65W and the K variants will have a 95w TDP.


Here is the line up of the Coffee Lake CPUs as of today, but again all this information could change as more information comes to light.



After seeing these they look quite promising, I mean a six core i5 would be great for gaming and the six core i7 would be a great all rounder for productivity and for gaming. Now according to these, in terms of core count they don’t match AMDs Ryzen 7 but core count is like many things not the full story and there is more to a CPUs performance than just the number of cores.

However this kinda almost spoils the i3 information as I can’t see Intel releasing a i3 with more threads than the i5. But I maybe wrong, or maybe the information isn’t true.

At this point I can’t say for certain if this information is 100% accurate, but it does paint an exciting picture to the possible future of Intels next generation of CPUs. Whats even more interesting is that if these (potential) CPUs beats out AMDs offerings, what will AMD respond with?

Finally these CPUs are set to be announced at Gamescon in August this year and be released soon after. In 2018 there are set to be dual core offerings as well, which I will cover when information is available.


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