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September 9, 2013

INTOROSKINS Review – Bring football and your gadgets closer together

Following on from our SmartSkins review is another look at skins for your gadgets. This time however we look at INTOROSKINS who specialize in official football skins and cases for your gadgets. INTOROSKINS are priced well and also have special deals like 3 for 2 on all skins so you should check them out if the beautiful game is your sport of choice. As you would expect these skins and cases are available for loads of gadgets so I’m pretty sure you will find what you are looking for. The owner of INTORO has sent us over some sample cases and skins for review so read on if you want to find out how they have held up over the past month.


In the first part of this review we will look at the skins then have a quick look at the cases we received. INTOROSKINS are made from a top quality and robust vinyl and at the same time are ultra thin at only 1mm thick. So you can be sure these will add no bulk at all to your gadget. Although INTORO specialize in official football skins they also offer personalized skins created totally by you. You simply upload the picture you want and select the device it is for and you can totally personalise your gadgets. INTORO are that sure of there work that if your skin image shows any signs of fading, smudges or water damage within the first 2 years, they will gladly replace it with a skin of the same design free of charge.


Installation of the skins is an absolute breeze and no instructions are really required as all it takes is a bit of time and patience to ensure placement is good. As you can see from the pictures we installed the skins on a few of our devices and it was straight forward enough, we just cleaned our device with a micro-fiber cloth, peeled back the skin, lined it up and smoothed it into place ensuring no air bubbles where being caught underneath. If you happen to not get it lined up the way you wish you don’t have to worry as INTOROSKINS leave no residue and can be easily peeled off and put back into position time and time again. I found that if you choose a reference point as a guide at the start for example a logo cutout the rest falls into place perfectly.


When on the gadget the skins look great and totally transform the look of your device. I especially liked the look of the Xbox 360 slim skin as the shiny xbox 360 slim picks up loads of dust and smudges and the skin just solves this problem. Not only do the skins look good but they also have a nice feel to them as well and add a little grip to your gadgets which is always handy. Skinning your gadgets is great especially if you have a beat up one that is full of scratches as these skins could bring it back to life.

The skins also add a layer of protection onto your device providing scratch protection and may save your gadget from the occasional light drop. They are very tough and fit into my hectic lifestyle with no problems being thrown in and out of bags and my pocket so normal usage should have no trouble at all. If you pair the skins with one of the cases from INTORO then you are set up for battle.


INTOROSKINS also offer a range of official football cases for mobile devices and if you love your team and want to let the world know then look no further as your mobile phone goes everywhere with you. The cases are made from a light plastic material and feature your teams logo emblazened all over it. The cutouts on the cases allow you access to all ports and functions of the device and in no way effect the use of your phone. They provide a decent amount of protection and will help save your phone in it’s time of need. The cases also add little bulk to your device so if you like that minimalist approach then look no further


Overall INTOROSKINS are an awesome company and produce some great skins and cases for the football lover and those looking to personalise there gadgets. They perform well during day to day usage and showed no signs of wear so I cannot recommend them enough. If you want to have a look at there product range then hit up the source link below.



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