Before I begin this review I would like to clear something up. I’m sure there are many people sitting thinking why would I need a keyboard case for my iPhone 5? Well if like me you spend a lot of time on your iPhone writing large emails or updating websites then this case  is a lifesaver as it reduces the time it takes to do so dramatically. The main reason for this is I sometimes find that even though Apple have made the iPhone 5 a little taller I could still be doing with space above the touchscreen keyboard to read what I have written. Using this keyboard case disables the phones keyboard and allows you the use of the whole screen. Hopefully that clears it up. On with the review.

As this was dubbed the Ultra-Thin Wireless Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone 5 I was eager to see how thin it actually was. After receiving the package from MobileFun I was so surprised to find that this was actually true. I have reviewed many keyboard cases over the years and this is up there with the best of them. The case itself comes in both black and white to suit your tastes. It also comes with a USB lead to allow you to charge it up so everything you need is supplied.

The case itself looks sleek. The iPhone just snaps in to place securely and has no movement at all. When holding this iPhone 5 case it doesn’t actually feel like there’s much of a weight gain but obviously there is a little more bulk. When I say bulk don’t panic it is not excessive and Im sure when you get one you to will be surprised by how little. All the ports on the iPhone are fully accessible including the camera. On thing to note tho if you are taking a picture with the flash on the keyboard must be down as the chrome bezel causes light exposure but this is hardly a problem.

The keyboard itself is fully back-lit which is a huge positive and just adds to the look. It snaps in and out of position easily and is a great size to hold. Pairing the keyboard over Bluetooth is easy, just hit the Bluetooth button on keyboard then switch iPhone bluetooth on and enter the code displayed with the keyboard and you are ready to go. Typing with the keyboard may take a little to get used to but the keys are sufficiently spaced allowing for speed typists to get to work. When fully charged, the keyboard’s battery lasts for over 100 hours of use and 45 days of standby time so you needn’t worry about constantly charging it up. It also has a few other functions that some people may find useful like the ability to change screen brightness and get your touchscreen keyboard back up at the click of a key.

Overall I would say that at the moment this has to be one of the best offerings on the market when it comes to Bluetooth keyboards for the iPhone 5. Its design and feel make for the perfect experience if you’re looking to get yourself one hit the source link up now.

Source – MobileFun

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