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September 17, 2012

iPhone 5 benchmark results hit Geekbench


The guys over at PrimateLabs have released the first benchmark results for the newly announced iPhone 5. The results show an iPhone5,2 device running iOS 6 with a Dual-Core 1.02GHz ARMv7 processor and 1GB of RAM.

As you can see the score came in at 1601. The average score for the iPhone 4s was around the 629 mark with the iPad 3 coming in at 766. This score confirms that Apples claim of the A6 processor being double the speed of the A5 is infact acurate. Here is another chart to have a look at.


If you can remember the A5 ran at 800Mhz well the new A6 clocks in at 1GHz. This new chart also confirms that the iPhone 5 will have 1GB of RAM but we already new that. There is a slight chance these could be fake but John Poole of PrimateLabs seems to think there legit.

Source – MacRumours

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