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September 24, 2012

iPhone 5 users having WiFi troubles


One quick look on the iPhone support forums and you will see multiple threads with people having WiFi speed issues.

There is no clear indication on what is causing this issue but it seems that it has to do with secured networks. This issue seems to be iPhone 5 related and different to the iOS 6 WiFi problems as users have been reporting that there iPhone 4s works fine on the same network.

One thing worth noting is this seems to be on a minimum amount of handsets as there are loads of users having no trouble at all. One user that got a replacement straight from Apple reported there second handset had no issues at all, this suggests it may be a batch problem.

If you are having these issues remember you will not be able to replicate this in your local Apple store as they use an unsecured network.

Are you having Wifi issues? Let us know below

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