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June 20, 2013

iPhone 5s looks set to be joined by iPhone light


So it looks like Apple are trying to light up our lives with the latest leak suggesting we may see two iPhones released this year. If the blueprints you see above that originally appeared on AppleInsider are to believed Apple may be looking to release a cheaper iPhone known as the iPhone Light alongside the iPhone 5s.

The new iPhone Light looks to have curved edges with a flat back, while the 5S looks just like the current iPhone 5. The two models are the same size measuring 4-inches but the iPhone light is slightly thicker and when I say slightly I mean you probably wouldn’t even notice. The 5s comes in at 7.7mm and the Light 8.5mm.

Another difference that we can see from the blueprints is the flash for the camera. Both versions have different style flashes, the light has a single LED flash like the iPhone 5 but the 5s has a new pill shape that would coincide with all the rumours that the 5s will have a dual-LED flash.

Everything else is as you would expect and are all in the same positions as the current model. If rumours are to believed the iPhone Light will come in an array of wonderful colours. What do you think of the 5s? Let us know below.

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