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April 18, 2013

iPhone photography just got better

izzi orbit

People using there phones to take pictures is common practice nowadays as it’s simple and easier than carrying a DSLR around with you. When I go on holiday my iPhone is my camera of choice just because it fits in my pocket and I would be taking it with me anyway. Sometimes I wish my iPhone had some of the cool features my DSLR has and now thanks to this new iPhone camera case my wish kind of came true.


The case I am referring to is called the Orbit camera case and is made by a company called izzi. The orbit has 3 lenses built into an awesome case allowing you to capture a great variety of images and whats more changing them is easy, simply turn the dial. The three lenses included are the fish eye lens, this gives you a cool bubble like image. The second lens is the wide angle lens, this allows you to fit more into your picture, 35% more according to izzi. The third lens and my personal favourite is the telephoto lens, this doubles the distance you can see in your images but still maintains the iPhone 5s high image quality.


The case doesn’t just function well it feels and looks great to, it features a raised grip on the bottom that gives you that camera feel when you turn your iPhone on its side. There are also 3 colour options to choose from white, black and red, the price may sound steep at £199.99 but if you are serious about your photography and want to better your iPhone pictures then it is seriously worth considering. If you are sold and want to pre-order you can do so now at



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